Pricing is for both a car/small SUV, and a standard size pickup.


Service price per vehicle includes:

Mileage to your location

Up to 1 hour of rust debridement and prep

Up to 1 Hour Service -Quality NHOU® Undercoat Protection

Cost of NHOU Product


Flat rate pricing does not include state taxes, fees, or qualifying discounts.


Contact Details

Johnny Rae's Rust Proofing

Tel: + 2076166920


NHOU El Camino

  • No Returns.

    Transferable Lifetime Nationwide Warranty Guarantee with continued annual Johnny Rae's Rust Proofing NHOU maintenance.
    While driving habits may vary, we recommend an annual application in order to maintain adequate protection.

    Please contact us at 207.241.0019 or text 207.616.6920 for questions or concerns about your service today.